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Giving your time to volunteer is an important commitment. However, what’s arguably even more important is that you are volunteering for a cause you truly love and care about, or a cause that you could adequately apply your existing skills to.

Sometimes it can be hard to really determine what you are passionate about, but all you really have to do is look at your own daily habits to get to the root of what volunteer work would suit you the best.

Our volunteers here at Kinsmen have put together a short quiz that will help you sort out what volunteer work might fit best with your personality and lifestyle:

It’s Friday — what’s your top movie pick for a night in?

A. Julie and Julia

B. Extraordinary Measures

C. Dead Poet’s Society

D. Night At The Museum

E. Everest

Your favourite way to spend time with family and friends is:

A. At a dinner party

B. Binge watching the latest medical drama

C. Exchanging the titles of books you’ve all recently read

D. Discussing up-and-coming art in the community

E. Finding a new hike to embark on

Your room is: 

A. Constantly overrun with plates of food

B. Sterile and spotless

C. Essentially your own personal library

D. Home to many different prints scattered all over the walls

E. Covered in tools and different tech gadgets

In school, you enjoyed learning about: 

A.  Anthropology and Horticulture

B. Biology

C. English Literature

D. History and Modern Art

E. Construction and Computer Sciences

When thinking about a vacation, you image yourself: 

A. In Rome, eating all kinds of delicious food and admiring the landscape

B. In Mexico, on a beach, being social with new friends

C. In London, visiting Shakespeare’s Globe

D. In New York, making sure you see an array of new musuems

E. In Peru, trekking 16 hours to see Machu Pichu

You truly believe that:

A. Everyone deserves a delicious meal

B. Everyone needs access to adequate medical care

C. Everyone should have the opportunity to read

D. Everyone needs to take the time to be educated about relevant historical matters

E. Everyone needs help sometimes – and that’s okay

What image below appears the most enticing to you?






What’s always in your fridge? 

A. Every ingredient you could possibly need to make a hearty meal

B. Frozen meals – just heat them up and you’re good to go!

C. Lots of fruits and vegetables

D. Milks and eggs

E. Different types of snacks and trail mixes

What’s your favourite colour?






Your current obsession is:

A. This new recipe you found online

B. Adding new friends to your ever-expanding group

C. Stephen King’s latest book (or any new book, really)

D. The upcoming arts festival in your community

E. The new project you’re working on

You’re drinking:

A. A delicious, fruity milkshake

B. A kale smoothie

C. A cappuccino

D. Lots of water

E. A protein shake

Drum roll please….

Mostly A’s: Volunteer At A Food Bank

For you, food is the essence of life. There’s nothing better than preparing a delicious meal from scratch at home, or going out to that new restaurant that just opened down the street and taste testing all of their appetizers. You aim to ensure that food is something you can enjoy with family and friends, and you’ll often be caught trying out a new recipe or watching an afternoon cooking show.

Spread the love of food beyond your own home and into the home of others who aren’t as fortunate to be able to have a meal every day. Volunteering at a food bank will get you involved with something you really love, all while giving others the chance to love it too.

Mostly B’s: Volunteer At A Hospital

Medical dramas and movies are your favourite, and anything involved with the human body fascinates you. Cuts? Easy. Blood? No problem. You imagine yourself saving others in a white coat as they’re rushed through the emergency room doors on a stretcher – you are confident and in control. You are calm and in charge.

Okay, maybe you didn’t pursue a career in medicine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience helping others and applying what you love by volunteering at a hospital. You’re a people person, and you really have a way with making others feel safe – why not put all of that to use with patients? You got this!

Mostly C’s: Volunteer At A Library

It’s clear that books are something that you are passionate about. As a kid, you were most likely caught with a flashlight underneath the covers, past your bedtime, trying to finish your newest book before daylight hit. Your novel collection is sizeable, and you enjoy keeping up with an assortment of different authors, attending different book clubs, or just talking about your new favourite page turner with friends and family.

What better way to put your love of literature to use than by volunteering at a library. You believe in the power of a book, and you can jump on the chance to make others believe in it too. Get involved with some of the local programs and help spread the love of reading to others in your community.

Mostly D’s: Volunteer At An Art Gallery Or Museum

Art, history, and everything else in between interests you. You are a constant learner, and if there’s one thing you enjoy it’s sitting on a bench and staring at the newest painting hanging on the wall of an art gallery, examining all of its elements and attributes. Or explaining the origins of different art and historical movements. You’re a creative soul with a fire that burns inside for a love of interesting facts and new places.

Luckily for you, this makes you a perfect fit as a volunteer at an art gallery or a museum. You already know the ins and outs of most of the exhibits, so use that to your advantage the next time you’re wondering how you can spend your spare time helping.

Mostly E’s: Volunteer At A New Build Or Community Project

You are a hands-on adventuring individual who isn’t afraid to get their hands a little bit dirty. You like to spend a lot of your time outdoors finding new activities to do, and you’re always busy building something — like that new dining room table you gave your mom for her birthday. Just last week you were setting up your new fence and helping your elderly neighbour fix her broken chair.

Someone like you could contribute greatly to a project that involves building a new community centre, a new park, or houses for others. You can really put your skills and passions to use in these different situations, and enjoy it!

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Cover Image Credit: Love To Know