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The success of the Dream Home campaign would truly be nothing without the amazing partnerships and collaborations that the Kinsmen have with multiple people and organizations around the world.

For the last 5 years, our Early Bird prize has been generously sponsored by our dear friends, Janice Resch and the fantastic people behind Marival Residences Luxury Resort.

Make sure to buy your tickets before November 26 to be entered into our Early Bird Draw! 

If you kept up with us during last year’s Dream Home campaign, you would have read our blog feature on Janice and her connection to the Red Deer Kinsmen Club.

“Red Deer has been very good to myself and my family, and it is an honour to be able to give back.” – Janice Resch, Realtor with Century 21 Advantage in Red Deer

This year, we would like to turn the spotlight on Marival Residences Luxury Resort, and more specifically, Fernando Gonzalez Ortega, the Vice President of Marival Group, a Canadian Mexican company with large investments in Riviera Nayarit. He is also the Head of Tourism for the Bay of Banderas which encompasses many communities, and in charge of renovation and construction projects for the hotel chain. In fact, he headed the renovation and construction that Marival Residences Luxury Resort underwent just seven years ago.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Fernando about Marival’s involvement with the Dream Home campaign, as well as other initiatives that they contribute to:

What is your relationship with the Red Deer Kinsmen Club? How did you get involved with the club?

At Marival Residences Luxury Resort, we have developed personal relationships with many people who like to come here. We have a staff who have been here for seven years, and we have all become familiar with the people who own condominiums here at the resort. It is really a friendship between everyone here, and that is why so many people continually come back and stay with us.

Janice was someone that we developed a relationship with here at the resort, and it is how we first heard about the Red Deer Kinsmen Club. We took the position to sponsor a prize because we really believe in what they do, we believe in the foundation and how it helps the local community, and we as a company try to support that because we are interested in benefitting the Canadian community.

We are a company owned by a Canadian family, and we receive many Canadian visitors in the winter, and it really is important to us that there is a community here for them to join.

What is included in the luxurious Early Bird prize?  

The Early Bird prize winner will have the chance to stay in a two-bedroom condo here at the resort. The winner’s stay will be all-inclusive, and they can enjoy the facilities, the various services, and really just the whole experience.

They will also have the chance to experience 5-star dining here at the Marival, with food crafted by a world-renowned chef.

And, of course, they will be exposed to our amazing staff and employees who really treat our customers and owners as friends. We are interested in everyone’s stay here and work hard to ensure they have a great time.

Are you involved in any other community initiatives?

We do help the local community here in Mexico on a regular and formal basis.

25 years ago, our founder was involved in donating money for a park and the church. Throughout our history as a company, we have been involved in many different initiatives, and we are very proud that we have been involved.

When we have renovations, we donate all of the equipment and assets that we are replacing, such as furniture, to the community, to those who need them and have less resources. We even have great relationships with the mayor, and former mayors who have been employees of the Marival.

Will you continue to sponsor the Dream Home in the future?


We started because we felt like it was a good cause and we wanted to be involved. We want to keep our relationship with the Kinsmen. We want to try and be as helpful as possible through the donation of this prize that in turn showcases our hotel and allows us to build more relationships. We want to continue to help the Kinsmen create parks, fix hospitals and more in the Red Deer community.

Photo Credit: Marival Residences

Marival Residences and Luxury Resort is situated in a growing destination, with a new hotel set to go up in the next 18 months. This fantastic gem has received multiple recognitions for its upscale and and impeccable facilities. Don’t miss your chance to experience it for yourself!

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* All photos from Marival Residences