Our volunteers are the heart of our organization, and prove time and time again that we couldn’t do what we do for the Red Deer community without them.

We sat down with Anthony Kearney, July’s Member of the Month, to get to the root of what it means to be a Kinsmen Club Member:

What inspired you to get involved with the Kinsmen Club? How did you first hear about them and get involved?

A customer of mine, also best friends of one of my managers, was a member. He approached me for a donation and I asked about joining the group instead.

What is your favourite core value of the Kinsmen Club that you try to exemplify?

Serving the community. This is the primary reason I got involved; I wanted to give back and support those in need and support local initiatives.

What is a skill you would say you’ve developed because of your involvement with the Kinsmen Club?

A knowledge and awareness of the local needs of the community. The group helps organize and direct your efforts so they’re more useful.

Have you grown or changed as a person since joining the club?

Personally, I’ve gained a lot because helping others feels good. It’s a great alternative to the selfish approach we see around us. People want to do good things and this is a great avenue for that.

What have been some of your responsibilities as a member?

Because of my business in grocery I help arrange and procure food for fundraisers. Besides that, the usual volunteering for the Dream Home and other events.

Tell us about a time when you really saw the club’s service pay off.

In my first meeting the group was voting on giving out $5,000 at a time for multiple groups. That’s a lot more than I can give in my business when helping the local needs.

Tell us about your favourite memory or most rewarding experience with the club.

I really liked the breakfast with Santa we do at the Festival of Trees, it’s a feel-good day that gets you in the Christmas spirit weeks ahead of when you otherwise would have in your own personal life.

Do you believe that the Kinsmen Club makes an important impact on the community?

Absolutely, we need the collective effort of a group of people like the Kinsmen to stay focused and organized to make the most of our involvement.

Do you have a favourite organization/initiative that the club supports?

Lately, due to the local needs, it is the Food Bank. This is also my business’ top initiative so for me it’s natural. The Mustard Seed also does great work having taken over for loaves and fishes last year.

What would you say to someone considering Kinsmen Club membership?

For a couple of hours a month you can make a difference. There’s fun to be had as well but at the end of the day it just feels good to help your local community.

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