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As we’ve said prior. Our efforts are never fully reached without help. The help from our neighbors, friends, family and local businesses. True-Line is one of those businesses and because of them, we have had years and years of beautiful and successful dream homes. This week, as we celebrate the official opening of the Kinsmen Dream Home, we chatted with True-Line owners Sue and Phil Neufeld for an in-depth look at how much the Central Alberta community means to them and why they’ve been partnering with the Kinsmen for all these years.

Company Background (brief description of what your company does, mission, vision, slogans etc):

True-Line builds primarily single family homes to suit individual family needs and budgets. We concentrate on quality, not quantity and our primary slogan is “Come see what makes True-Line Homes True-ly Different!” and we have been involved with Dream Homes in Central Alberta for over 26 years.

How did it come about you started building the Kinsmen Dream Home?

Well, the first time was many years ago and it was after a few years of trying to be awarded the honor. After doing it the first time the Kinsmen group liked the way we took away the stress etc and got the trades on board and tied in our reputation to make it successful and we never looked back.

It is a ton of work to build a home only to give it away, why do you do it?

We at True-Line all do it for the same reason and that is we believe in giving back to the community we all live and work in. Also, it’s a great opportunity to get other companies involved (trades and suppliers) who may not have a way to help out and work as a team for success!

What makes this home special?

This home is special because it is going to raise funds for the projects the Kinsmen have planned.

What is your best moment about all the Kinsmen Dream Homes you’ve built?

The best moment could be calling the winners or it could be the evening when the local organizations are a given the cheques for support from the Kinsmen hard to say as it’s a good all round project every time!!

Trueline gives away a quilt with every home they sell, can you tell us more about this?

The quilts we give away to every new True-Line homeowner are handmade with love in the sewing center in El Salvador.The sewing center is one of the projects created by the dedicated Shelter people in place on the ground in El Salvador. It is now self-sufficient and it provides employment for many women that would otherwise have a very difficult time supporting their families.

What is your best moment that came about with building the Kinsmen Dream Home?

There are so many, but I might have to say it was in 1997 when we built the very first Dream Home. It was such an honor to work with a great group of dedicated young men and be a part of giving back to the community. Our company was much smaller 20 years ago and it was a thrill to put the project together with our trades and suppliers and see the tickets sell out in support of the great projects that were chosen that year. It was True-Line’s first really big donation to our community and it felt great!!

What’s something about True-Line that people might not know about?

We have been involved with the Women’s Shelter, Boys and Girls Club, The Hospital ,College and Kinsmen for many years helping with projects and fundraising.