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“Being a part of the Red Deer Kinsmen club makes me proud to live in Red Deer, and proud to be an Albertan. Driving through our city, you see constant reminders of the contributions that Red Deer Kinsmen has made in the community. The Kinsmen has been a part of building parks, playgrounds, and tennis courts that are found in neighbourhoods throughout the city.

While Kinsmen is proud of its accomplishments toward the recreational venues our families enjoy, it’s the efforts that go toward keeping our community strong and healthy that we find the most gratitude in.The Red Deer Kinsmen club and our community have been working together to assist with school lunch programs and food banks to relieve local hunger, with athletic youth programs so that kids can play sports regardless of their parents’ income, and with supporting the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter to provide guidance and aid to families living in unhealthy situations.

Many of these services reach far outside of the Red Deer city limits and into all of Alberta, which is something our community can be proud of.This year, our community has come forward and shown tremendous support for those in need. Thank you to our generous donors and contributors; you are the ones who have built this charity from the ground up. It is through purchasing your ticket for the 2016 Dream Home Lottery that our community can make sure even though the number of children who don’t bring lunches to school has quadrupled, that each child will be fed by the school lunch program; that although some families are unable to afford soccer fees, that their child can still score a goal; and that no mother looking for baby food will be turned away.

I’ve always said it’s not the Kinsmen that do all these amazing things, we just provide a platform for the community to come together.”

Click to purchase your tickets today and let’s make this year’s Dream Home Lottery the best one yet!