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Now in it’s 95th year, Kin Canada has had a rich relationship with Canadians from all over the country.  While the club began as a way for men to meet and make their communities a better place, it’s expanded to involved women and those in post secondary (The Kinettes and Kin Campus, respectively).

But what do you really know about the Kin? Here are 7 facts about our organization. If you’re interested in learning more about what Kin Canada is all about, head to their website. You’ll find all kinds of resources, including a few ways you can get involved with your own community and meet other leaders in the community

#1: Our Founder, Hal Rogers

Hal Rogers, founder of the Kinsmen Club, had a diverse background. After becoming a banker, Hal moved back to Hamilton, Ontario to work with his father, a businessman who was involved in plumbing sales.

The Kinsmen Club formed when Hal came back after his time in the military. When he tried to join the Rotary Club, he was denied. The reason? His dad was already a member. In those days, only one person per business could be a member.

Instead of letting that incident stop him, Hal used it to create his own club. In 1920, he brought 11 men together and hosted the first Kinsmen meeting. Little did he know, that meeting would eventually become the first of many all across Canada

#2: Canada’s Highest Contributor to Cystic Fibrosis

According to Cystic Fibrosis Canada, approximately 4,000 people across Canada have this disease. It affects both children and young adults; at the time, there isn’t a cure for CF. But both Kin Canada and Cystic Fibrosis Canada hopes to make that a thing of the past.

The Kinsmen and Kinettes began working with the charity in 1964 after Kinsmen Bill Skelly met Dr. Crozier, director of the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children. After years of fundraisers and events, Kin Canada reached a historic milestone in 2012 with a lifetime contribution of $40 Million to the national health charity. We hope to continue working with this fantastic organization in the hopes that we’ll find a cure.

#3: We Have a Magazine!

The KIN Magazine was started in 1924 and is responsible for reporting the latest and greatest news regarding the clubs “service projects, club events and member achievements” from coast to coast. Currently, 7,500 people across Canada, including current and life members, receive it. It gets sent three times a year: February, June, and October (we can’t wait to see the next issue!)

#4: The Milk for Britain Campaign

One of the Kinsmen’s most newsworthy events occurred during World War II with the “Milk for Britain” campaign. During the war years, children all over Britain received more than 50 million quarts of milk!

#5: Kin Canada Celebrates Education!

Did you know that 907 bursaries have been awarded since 1994? Hal Rogers was a firm believer in giving young people the opportunity to better themselves through learning. In fact, one of Hal’s biggest goals was to “provide and promote the finest and most effective education possible for our young people.” (for more information on bursaries and how to apply for one, read this post)

#6: Kin Canada’s Headquarters

Did you know our National Headquarters are located at 1920 Rogers Drive, in Cambridge Ontario? Here’s a shot of the building!

#7: Kin Canada Has a Commercial

If you’re a Shaw Cable or Shaw Direct customer, you might have come across the Kin Canada commercial. It began airing last year and the spot appeared on a number of popular channels, including CNN, BBC, and TLC. If you haven’t seen it, visit this link and prepare to have a good laugh!

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