With Christmas right around the corner, food banks are about to experience an increase of people that require assistance. Alberta has always been known as a province with abundant resources, but because of the recent economic developments, more people are beginning to rely on food banks and similar support groups in order to supplement their needs. We need to work together to ensure that no one will have to worry about how they'll feed themselves and their families; one way that the Kinsmen have been able to help is by volunteering at the Red Deer Food Bank. We've spoken about how important they are to Red Deer before, but we recently visited their facility to give them a hand.





According to a recent Global News article, Alberta is experiencing the most demand for food banks. In the last 12 months, food banks across the province experienced an increase of 23.4%; this means more people are becoming dependant on services such as these. Although more people are turning to foods banks, we can donate our time and money so that each facility has enough food for each person. Because of its location, the Red Deer Food Bank also serves as a distribution centre, supplying goods to 18 different food banks throughout Central Alberta.

Whether it was sorting, stacking, packing, or wrapping boxes full of non-perishable foods and other staples, the members of our club were willing to whatever it takes to help out. Volunteering is always more fun when you're working alongside friends and family; we encourage you get together with your co-workers, sports team or other group and help out a local nonprofit (and if you'd like to join us in making Red Deer and Central Alberta a better place, visit our 'Membership' page and fill out the necessary boxes). A little bit of effort goes a long way with giving Albertans a meal during a time when they need it the most. We had fun at the Red Deer Food Bank and we can't wait to go back! 



If you're thinking about spending a few hours at the Red Deer Food Bank to help those in need, visit this link and sign up today and follow them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, make sure you're following our Facebook and Twitter pages; in the week's to come, we'll be sharing more information on the Dream Home Lottery!