As a club that is built on the motto of "serving the communities greatest need," part of the Kinsmen's duty is to assist each and every person in Red Deer and the surrounding area. We do this through volunteering and financial contributions and we've been able to meet and make friends with people from all kinds of backgrounds. One of those groups we've been able to help out is the Red Deer Action Group Society. We've been a longtime supporter and we're proud to be recognized as a major contributor.

The Red Deer Action Group Society (initially called the Parkland Action Group for the Physically Disabled) was created in 1975 when a number of people met to discuss how Red Deer could be more accessible. By including features like cut curbs, curb ramps, and wheelchair-accessible ramps, more people are able to travel throughout the city. Their mission is to ensure that individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and those who are frail or disadvantaged, have access to education and supportive programs. Because of their hard work, the first Action Bus was able to provide trips in 1977. From 1977 onward, the program was so successful that the City of Red Deer decided to contribute to the initiative. 


In 2008, the Action Bus Program was taken over by Red Deer City Transit; these two groups worked together to create the Subsidy Ride Program. This additional service allows low income families and individuals to receive assistance for traveling to and from medical facilities, schools and similar learning institutions, and social functions throughout Alberta. Thanks to the Red Deer Action Society, those who are in a financial bind or require special assistance will never have to worry about finding transportation. 



To find out how you can get involved with the Red Deer Action Group, visit their "Support Us" page. If you know an organization that is looking for extra funding, please direct them to our Apply for Funding page. Once they fill out the form, we'll be able to contact them and see how we can help. Also, make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter; we'll be sharing more information about the Dream Home Lottery as we get closer to the draw date!