If there's one thing we love seeing in Red Deer and the surrounding area, it's kids playing sports. 

Many members of the Kinsmen have fond memories of playing sports from a young age. In fact, it's so important that we've been known to get together throughout the week and get together for a few games.  It's helped us with almost every part of our own lives. Because of this, we want to make sure today's kids have the same opportunity to have fun that we had when we were their age. 

Besides having fun, sports have many applications that impact people later on in life.Today, we wanted to highlight the efforts of two organizations we've supported in the past: Red Deer Pond Hockey and the Red Deer City Soccer Association. Because of their initiatives, these organizations are helping today's youth in ways that impact their lives that go beyond the ice/field. 



Self-Discipline & Building Habits


As we get older, building habits is one of the toughest things to change. But by having kids stick to a simple routine that includes things like packing the right equipment and showing up for practice week after week, it gives them the chance to become more disciplined as they learn how to master the particular sport they're playing. This in turn leads to confidence that can be carried with them for the rest of their lives. 


Teamwork & Leadership


Playing sports is one of the best ways kids can learn the dynamics of a team. With the guidance of a coach, they'll be able to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as what positions will be optimal for them. Players also are able to interact with all kinds of skill sets. Whether they're more experienced or are new to the game, they'll be able to work together and lead their team to victory. Both teamwork and leadership can translate into numerous fields as they grow older in any group environment, including jobs, volunteering, and other social clubs (like the Kinsmen!)


Having Fun 


Perhaps the most important part of playing sports is the ability to let loose and have a fun time. One of the best parts about Red Deer Pond Hockey and the Red Deer City Soccer Association is that they share our love for the game and the pursuit of fun over competition. But kids aren't the only ones who have fun. Many of the parents and volunteers enjoy these sports because of how enthusiastic the players are. 



Physical Benefits

According to a study in BMC Public Health, there is a direct correlation between keeping active and well-being later on in life. In fact, many additional studies have confirmed that children who play sports and exercise are more likely to become healthier adults. Sports like hockey and soccer allows athletes to strengthen their physical abilities, including hand-eye coordination and motor skills. By staying active, they also have a decreased chance of developing medical conditions like Type II diabetes and obesity as they age.  


Make New Friends


We all know that sports is one of the easiest ways kids can make new friends. When they're exposed to new activities and have to work together, players are able to bond over a common interest and increase their self-confidence and well being amongst their team mates. 


To learn how you or your child can get involved with these organizations, visit the Red Deer Pond Hockey and the Red Deer City Soccer Association websites. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we'll be sharing various projects in Red Deer and the surrounding area.